How To Make Money From Nothing But Numbers!

This is a free online course about Cryptography. In the video below, the course instructor mentions that he will teach you how to use cryptography to “make money from nothing but numbers”! Sounds great, ama? Cryptography means “secret writing”. It is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third […]

Aroma Cafe

The brilliant, curious, story of how one establishment in Mombasa has used the on-going debate on “husband battering” in Kenya to do some brilliant marketing: From NTV Kenya: The upsurge in the number of husband battering cases continue to dominate debates in various parts of the country but in Mombasa the issue has been captured […]

Discount Rules in WordPress and DukaPress

Have you ever wanted to offer bulk discounts or discounts for products in certain categories? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we have been working on this very feature! We have been busy building what I think is the most elegant discount management engine in the whole of the WordPress world. You’ll be able […]

Disrupting The Kenyan Movies Industry

I just read a very well written and thought-provoking article on how piracy affects the Kenyan movie industry: Secrets About Piracy Revealed By Jitu Films Director. It seems that a very interesting problem plagues our industry: Piracy is apparently illegal in Kenya. However, all those “DVD for 50 bob” shops in town sell nothing but […]

Where to Get Content For Your Website

When you build your website, or when you launch an online business, a problem that you may have not anticipated becomes apparent. Where do you get content to put in your new website? We all know that good compelling content is what makes or breaks a site, right? So where can you get it? 1. […]