DukaPress 2.3.2 Security Update

This is a tiny albeit important update that fixes a security issue with timthumb.php which can be found inside the “lib” folder within DukaPress. We use timthumb.php to resize images. It turns out that there is a grave security risk with using an unmodified timthumb.php. The vulnerability is described here. Fortunately, fixing this is simple. […]

DukaPress 2.3 Now Available

If you’ve been keeping up with what we have been upto, you will (by now) know that DukaPress 2.3 has been in an extremely long beta testing period. It is my great pleasure to announce that we’re now ready to release DukaPress 2.3 into the world. The New Stuff We’ve enhanced DukaPress security greatly by […]

DukaPress 2.3 Beta 2

So we’ve been testing DukaPress 2.3 Beta for quite a logn while now. I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of DukaPress 2.3 Beta 2! You can download it here: DukaPress 2.3 Beta 2 Why has this taken so long? The honest truth is feature creep – we’ve been adding in ‘just one more’ feature […]

DukaPress & Thesis

This past week, we got a whole host of complaints that DukaPress was not working properly with Thesis. It seems that when you activated Thesis, the DukaPress “Products” menu in WordPress admin disappeared. The good news is that we have fixed this and you can use DukaPress with Thesis again. The problem was that when […]

Introducing The Duka Theme

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the first DukaPress Premium theme is now available!! The Duka Theme is a clean, minimal & stylish theme that will provide a professional yet trendy look for your online shop. When you’ve got lots to sell and you need a professional, stylish way to show it off, this is […]