– Out Newest Creation

We’re very pleased to announce that earlier this week we released into the world our newest creation: Basically, Funua is a website which is where you want to go if you want to know about sweet discounts and sales offers in Nairobi. You want to go out shopping? Why don’t you open up […]


I came across a very interesting Android application for your mobile phone – pesaDroid. As much as I loathe Safaricom sometimes, I cannot live without my MPESA. Problem is, MPESA text messages are deleted (by me) as soon as I get them …. which unfortunately means I often cannot keep a record of who paid […]

Using DukaPress & WordPress To Create An Amazon Shop

Amazon is one of the biggest and easiest ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer. They have a seemingly endless variety of products that you can market and earn commissions from sales as an affiliate of Amazon. No doubt, many people make money this way. It gets even easier with WordPress. WordPress is […]

DukaPress 2.3.5 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that today we’re releasing DukaPress 2.3.5 after quite a long testing period. The New Stuff We’ve added a REAL “Out of Stock” button so you do not have to do anything fancy to indicate that some of your products are “out of stock”. We’ve removed the price from being shown in […]

DukaPress & Kenya

The very genesis of DukaPress was a need to build online shops for Kenyan clients. However, as soon as we put DukaPress on, its main users quickly turned out to be, well, people who are not Kenyans. This was a very big surprise to us! Ultimately, though, it gave us an opportunity to build […]