Everyone Uses the Internet for a Reason

As the year starts, here is an absolute GEM from DoshDosh: “It’s the first month of a new year and at this time I’m itching to start new web ventures both for fun and profit. I usually do up a list of possible startup and site ideas and narrow them down into those with the […]

Education Reform in Kenya

I came across an article titled “The Golden Age of Education” which is really about the problems with education in the developed world. I read it and felt it was talking about the exact problems facing education in Kenya. Here’s a few paragraphs: “10 years ago, if you did well in high school you’d get […]

Sitting in First Chair, but Playing Second Fiddle

Before I start out using a musical metaphor, I better define a few things. A ‘first chair’ is the leader of an orchestra. When the conductor is not there, they take over. It is usually the best violinist or ‘fiddler’ of the group. The person next to them is usually ‘second fiddle’, or, to use […]

Securing Your WordPress & DukaPress Website

Smashing Magazine shares some essential tips on securing your WordPress site.

WordCamp goes to Naivasha, Kenya

Here’s a video review of the success that was WordCamp Kenya 2011. WordCamp Kenya is a conference about WordPress, the world’s largest publishing & blogging software. The two day conference whose attendance included the biggest bloggers in Kenya covered topics from how to blog effectively to choosing the right content to publish.