IT Training Kenya

These days everybody and his mother is a web designer. Bah! That is why we are slowly moving out of the field and concentrating on going only the large projects. We’re also building a variety of web properties in hopes of diversifying our revenue streams. So yes, we’re today announcing yet another project: IT Training. […]

Making Money – Knowing When to Quit

An old nugget from Making money anywhere involves understanding the value of your business, idea or website. Are they profitable or are you attempting the impossible by trying to squeeze blood from a stone? We all have many ideas on what types of money making websites to set up and we often execute these […]

Sales Training Kenya

Today we’re announcing the recent “release into the wild” of our latest project: Sales Training Kenya. Through this new project, we are partnering with some amazing Sales Trainers to bring you quality sales training. Trust me, your staff needs additional sales training. We are working on a solution to provide timely and convenient online sales […]

DukaPress 2.3.6 Security Update

Available for immediate download is DukaPress 2.3.6 which contains an update of timthumb.php. In this version of DukaPress, the only change is that we have updated the timthumb.php file to its latest version to make Dukapress more secure.
This update …

How to Think Like An Internet Entrepreneur [Interview]

Readers, we’d like to introduce Gerald to you. We learnt about him from this comment on a previous Like Chapaa article. Gerald is an Internet entrepreneur who has a network of 15 websites. He is also part of the team that runs Mara Gates which is a local tours company that relies on the web […]

Learn Programming – The New Literacy

A while back, I had written this: In case you have not realised it yet, computer programming skills are as necessary for success today as reading and writing have been for the past few centuries. In fact, “You’re a second-class citizen if you don’t know how to read and write today, and in twenty or […]

How To Make Money From Nothing But Numbers!

This is a free online course about Cryptography. In the video below, the course instructor mentions that he will teach you how to use cryptography to “make money from nothing but numbers”! Sounds great, ama? Cryptography means “secret writing”. It is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third […]

Daktari Mtanzania … Now in The US of A

You remember those ads you see on the streets that go like: “Daktari Mtanzania anayetibu magonjwa 75…..? Well, have a look at this: I will cast a powerful SPELL to get you whatever you want for $5 Spell Caster, Master Shaman Crystal Indigo will perform an extremely powerful spiritual spell for ANY need that you […]

Aroma Cafe

The brilliant, curious, story of how one establishment in Mombasa has used the on-going debate on “husband battering” in Kenya to do some brilliant marketing: From NTV Kenya: The upsurge in the number of husband battering cases continue to dominate debates in various parts of the country but in Mombasa the issue has been captured […]

Learning Marketing from Email Spammers

A little Gem from DoshDosh: Imagine you’re a email spammer. Your strategy is to send out thousands of unsolicited emails everyday hoping that some unassuming individual will purchase your product or inadvertently get infected by your malware/virus, so you can phish for credit card and banking details. So here’s the situation. You’re dealing with millions […]