Google Being Evil in Kenya

Today we hear the sad sad story of how Google is apparently behind a nefarious plot to steal business away from For those that do not know, Mocality is one of Kenya’s largest business directories with over 170,000 verified businesses in its database. it has been in Kenya for a number of years. Late […]

DukaPress & Kenya

The very genesis of DukaPress was a need to build online shops for Kenyan clients. However, as soon as we put DukaPress on, its main users quickly turned out to be, well, people who are not Kenyans. This was a very big surprise to us! Ultimately, though, it gave us an opportunity to build […]

Everyone Uses the Internet for a Reason

As the year starts, here is an absolute GEM from DoshDosh: “It’s the first month of a new year and at this time I’m itching to start new web ventures both for fun and profit. I usually do up a list of possible startup and site ideas and narrow them down into those with the […]

DukaPress Audio List View

DukaPress List View is an addon for Dukapress that we created specifically for people who need to display their products in a “list” rather than in the normal “gird view”. We’ve been getting quite some good reviews and excellent ideas from you guys so we decided to act on this. So we had a number […]

Education Reform in Kenya

I came across an article titled “The Golden Age of Education” which is really about the problems with education in the developed world. I read it and felt it was talking about the exact problems facing education in Kenya. Here’s a few paragraphs: “10 years ago, if you did well in high school you’d get […]

Juliani’s Adsense Campaign – An Analysis

While surfing the web, I was very intrigued to see a Google Adwords advert of Juliani. As an Internet lover, this excites me! It is good to see that the ‘net has penetrated the country so much to the extent where musicians take out Google Adword ads! Nice, eh? So I clicked the advert to […]

PayPal Coming to Kenya in 2012?

Rumor has it that you will soon be able to withdraw your PayPal funds in Kenya legally and easily. This could not have come at a better time since we spent last year going from disappointment to disappointment with all the new services and “tricks” that we had to try out in order to withdraw […]

The American Government is Trying to Ruin the Internet … and Can Affect us in KENYA!!

In case you haven’t heard, PIPA (PROTECT Intellectual Property Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) are bills working their way through the US Senate and House of Representatives, respectively. They both propose giving the USA government the power to censor web sites in much the same way that China, North Korea, and Iran censor […]

StarCraft 2 Taking Root in Kenya

Something exciting: the most professional-looking and run StarCraft 2 tournaments in Kenya just came to a close, the Safari Cup #3. We take this opportunity to all the players and the organisers of that tournament. Kudos to them all. We hope that everyone who took part had a lot of great fun. For those who […]

Sitting in First Chair, but Playing Second Fiddle

Before I start out using a musical metaphor, I better define a few things. A ‘first chair’ is the leader of an orchestra. When the conductor is not there, they take over. It is usually the best violinist or ‘fiddler’ of the group. The person next to them is usually ‘second fiddle’, or, to use […]