Announcing Kenya Loans!

I’m pleased to announce our newest project: Kenya Loans. As stated severally on this blog, we’re slowly diversifying our company’s revenue streams and Kenya Loans is our newest attempt at doing so. The process of borrowing either as a person or as a corporate body does not need to be long, or painful. Kenya Loans […]

Sales Training Kenya

Today we’re announcing the recent “release into the wild” of our latest project: Sales Training Kenya. Through this new project, we are partnering with some amazing Sales Trainers to bring you quality sales training. Trust me, your staff needs additional sales training. We are working on a solution to provide timely and convenient online sales […]

DukaPress 2.3.6 Security Update

Available for immediate download is DukaPress 2.3.6 which contains an update of timthumb.php. In this version of DukaPress, the only change is that we have updated the timthumb.php file to its latest version to make Dukapress more secure.
This update …

Affiliate Shop Site Recipe

I’ve been hearing that its very much “in” to build “Amazon Shops” using WordPress these days. For those not in the know, Amazon shops are shops where you display affiliate products from If anyone wants to buy the products, they are redirected to Amazon where they make the purchase. If this happens, Amazon pays […]

DukaPress & Kenya

The very genesis of DukaPress was a need to build online shops for Kenyan clients. However, as soon as we put DukaPress on, its main users quickly turned out to be, well, people who are not Kenyans. This was a very big surprise to us! Ultimately, though, it gave us an opportunity to build […]