I’d like to introduce you to our newest site: This post will be a very brief introduction to the site and is by no means an announcement of the site’s official launch. Think of it more as an early peek at what we’ve been working on. Technical Details The site is built on Python […]

On Search Engine Optimization

It is now just over a month since we launched our newest site (then): I personally thought that this particular site was going to be very difficult to promote but things turned out to be quite different. At its core, our site is yet another “jobs in kenya” type of site that joins the […]

How About Fish Farming?

They say there is a lot of potential in fish farming. Dwindling supply and the increasing demand for fish and fisheries products offers great opportunities to producers towards meeting both the increasing local and export demand for fish. I recently came across an interesting organisation called Inspired Fish Farming ( admin[at] ) which offers managed […]

Disrupting The Kenyan Movies Industry

I just read a very well written and thought-provoking article on how piracy affects the Kenyan movie industry: Secrets About Piracy Revealed By Jitu Films Director. It seems that a very interesting problem plagues our industry: Piracy is apparently illegal in Kenya. However, all those “DVD for 50 bob” shops in town sell nothing but […]