I’d like to introduce you to our newest site: This post will be a very brief introduction to the site and is by no means an announcement of the site’s official launch. Think of it more as an early peek at what we’ve been working on. Technical Details The site is built on Python […]

DukaPress 2.3.6 Security Update

Available for immediate download is DukaPress 2.3.6 which contains an update of timthumb.php. In this version of DukaPress, the only change is that we have updated the timthumb.php file to its latest version to make Dukapress more secure.
This update …

DukaPress 2.3.5 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that today we’re releasing DukaPress 2.3.5 after quite a long testing period. The New Stuff We’ve added a REAL “Out of Stock” button so you do not have to do anything fancy to indicate that some of your products are “out of stock”. We’ve removed the price from being shown in […]

DukaPress 2.3.4 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce yet another minor release of DukaPress. This particular release contains: We’ve fixed a bug that, very annoyingly, made the “Empty cart” button not work in some cases. We’ve fixed a bug that made the WorldPay payment gateway not work. We’ve updated timthumb.php for additional security.

DukaPress 2.3.2 Security Update

This is a tiny albeit important update that fixes a security issue with timthumb.php which can be found inside the “lib” folder within DukaPress. We use timthumb.php to resize images. It turns out that there is a grave security risk with using an unmodified timthumb.php. The vulnerability is described here. Fortunately, fixing this is simple. […]